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Kompetenz-Center Technik

Foto Herr Bansamir

Bei Fragen steht Ihnen Herr Bansamir gerne zur Verfügung!

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„Smart-Pac“ Produkt des Jahres 2019 in der Kategorie Trockenbau


Heinz Klingler verstärkt die Geschäftsführung

Mit Wirkung vom 01.02.2019 haben wir Heinz Klingler zum Geschäftsführer bestellt.


…. aus wird


The company

Baukom has all the strengths of a mid-sized family company in the best sense of the word – personal commitment, flexibility, decisiveness, a flat hierarchy and the short reaction time that comes with it. We develop, produce, and market a diverse, constantly expanding product range at a very high level of quality. With Baukom, you'll have a team of consultants who will work side-by-side with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs according to success criteria focused on performance, cost efficiency, and sustainability. If there's any conceivable solution that would better meet your needs, we will develop it, whether it's a product or a service. Even if "perfection" isn't a word we're supposed to use in a serious company profile, we will strive to find the best solution for you, and – at least according to many of our clients – we do often manage to get remarkably close!