Green Competence

For better building materials

For better building materials Green Competence develops, produces and supplies accessories for thermal insulation that sustainably protect the climate and the environment while increasing comfort in buildings and workplaces. At the same time, they increase safety levels in all areas of technical insulation. Because thermal insulation means protection – for people and the environment. Protection from cold and noise. From fire and heat. Against CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. We call our contribution: Green Competence.

Part(s) of the solution: efficient processes

Part(s) of the solution: efficient processes Nature wastes nothing! Neither does Baukom! We consistently apply the principles of sustainability to our process chains. Want some examples? All waste from aluminium production is 100% recycled back into production. And in the area of packaging, Baukom works together with Interseroh AG. More to come? For sure!

Successful CO2 reduction through SmartPac

Successful CO2 reduction through SmartPac The innovative “SmartPac” concept has revolutionised the traditional value chain for standard drywall profiles, which have received little attention. Through a sustainable and holistic improvement in the reject rates of all stakeholders within the process chain, it was possible to achieve a 20% reduction in waste from the raw material aluminium. As a result, Baukom already achieved CO2 savings of around 200 tonnes of CO2 in the first year of introduction in 2017. In March 2018, the DIY, Construction and Garden Trade Association (BHB) honoured the “SmartPac” concept with the BHB Customer Service Award in the “Process Innovation” category.

Winning the 2018 Innovation Award in the “Process Innovation” category documents our commitment to our environment!