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Amazingly close to perfection

Baukom offers the advantages of a medium-sized family business in the best sense of the word – personal, flexible, decisive, with flat hierarchies and short reaction time. We develop, produce and distribute a wide and constantly expanding range of high-quality products. With Baukom, you have a team of consultants at your side whose main aim is to develop the best possible solutions for you. Our criteria for success: Performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability. If a solution is conceivable that better fulfils your needs, we will develop it, either as a product or as a service. Even if the word “perfection” sounds overblown in a company presentation, we strive for the optimum solution and often – at least according to some of our customers – we come surprisingly close to it!

Sustainability is in our nature

Sustainability – another popular feature, often more empty phrase than actual reality. But not so with Baukom. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate values and guides our business practice in every detail. With Baukom as your partner in consulting and supply, you will continue your own sustainability efforts consistently and seamlessly along your whole value chain – to protect our community, our environment and our employees. The two managing partners Rolf Klein and Stefan Endlweber are fully committed to enforcing and further developing sustainability standards within the company.

Achieving genuine assets with trusted partners

Achieving genuine assets with trusted partners Character, dedication and taking pride in developing solutions together – that’s what partnership means to us. It is crucial that we understand the needs of the market. What is the latest technology trend? What do designers, builders, renovators, restorers and home improvers want? What are the solutions expected by major customers and distributors? How can we better meet the specific needs of the building materials trade? We work closely with a wide range of different partners to develop and enhance our products and services, making them more practical and suitable for everyday use. This does not work without communication, dialogue and collaboration. So don’t be surprised if you meet people in contact with Baukom who enjoy a personal meeting!

Company history

A few years of sustainable success

Baukom is thirty years “old”. It was not surprising that our growth took place in time with the rapid development of modern building insulation. However, modern drywall construction and its constantly expanding creative design possibilities have also provided and continue to generate new development impulses. We are pleased and proud to drive the progress of construction with our products. Follow us on a short journey through the history of our company!