Individuality or large quantities? Both are possible with in-house production! Mit eigener Fertigung geht beides!

Buying building materials and selling them for a profit – all fine and well. Producing large quantities ourselves, while maintaining outstanding quality is a completely different matter. Right from the start, we decided to organise the important parts of our value chain ourselves. We have acquired modern production facilities in various locations, which we are constantly expanding and improving. Digitalization brings with it the benefit of being able to adapt our production facilities at short notice. Advantages: Customised products according to client requirements are possible at any time, even at short notice and at competitive prices

Baukom Produktion
Produktion PVC

PVC – warm to it!

PVC has a particularly wide range of applications in construction. PVC is playing an increasingly important role in the field of thermal insulation in particular, as it prevents the formation of thermal bridges. Baukom PVC products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, meaning, for example, without using lead stabilisers – on extrusion lines that meet the latest standards.

Steel and aluminium – high-quality for structural functions

Steel and aluminium – high-quality for structural functions

Galvanised steel sheet, aluminium and stainless steel – only the best qualities manufactured in Germany form the material basis for our profiles.

This means that they cover every area of application at its best.