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A brief history of our lasting success

Soon, Baukom is going to be a quarter of a century "old". It stands to reason that our company would be experiencing growth at a time when the world of building insulation is rapidly evolving, but modern drywall construction and the ever-expanding creative possibilities it opens up also continue to provide incentives to keep making new developments. We're happy to say that our products place us at the forefront of our country's progress in the field of construction, a role we're very proud of. Come along with us on a brief foray into our company's history:


The company is founded by Rolf Klein, with a production floor of 400 m2 in Sinsheim-Steinfurt.


Our product range is expanded to include profiles for plastering, working with a well-known manufacturer.


Production begins on our first machine for producing mesh corner beads. The company relocates to Sinsheim-Reihen with significantly increased storage and production space.

1997 – 2007

Step by step, we expand Baukom's production and storage capacity, continuing to develop more efficient machines.


A second, 1,000-m2 warehouse is built.


A distribution company is founded in France (Baukom France).



Construction of a third, 1,200-m2 warehouse.


Baukom becomes a global player, launching its international sales and distribution efforts.


Construction of a new administration building as well as a fourth, 1,500-m2 warehouse.


The addition of more sales associates in the field completes Baukom’s distribution network in German-speaking countries

2009 – 2014

Our product range continues to expand, due in part to the acquisition of various production sites and innovations in all product groups.


Stefan Endlweber acquires shares and becomes managing partner.